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What Child Is This? (Christmas Morning)

What Child is this?  Good question, what Child is this?  Do we know the who’s and the what’s of this Child?  Think about this for a moment our calendar tells us that with the birth of Jesus Christ history restarted.  B.C. Before Christ, A.D. in the year of our Lord tells that history hinges on what happened in a small little town of Bethlehem some 2011 years ago.  What Child is this that history is defined by Him?
There are two basic ways to look at the Christmas event.  We can look at it under the microscope which gives us all the intricate part of Christmas and we have been doing that a little this year.  Or we can look at through a telescope which produces a broad picture.  When we use the microscope we tend to see the wood in a tree, but when we use a telescope we see the whole forest.  There are advantages to both approaches but for this morning let’s look at the broader approach and see the whole.
Aristotle said that every play has a beginning, middle, and an end and this morning we are going to look briefly into the beginning, the middle and the end of the Christmas event; realizing the end is still in process.   Because the drama of Christ’s life, death, resurrection/life defines what Child this is.


       Conflict 2:  Jesus was intentionally in conflict with the Law and Jewish tradition.

Conflict 3 Jesus struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane – wanted to remove the cup, but He did the will of God the Father.  He didn’t want to die at 33 years old.  He struggle with Himself.

He was in conflict with Satan, the religious and self-righteous, and He had conflict within Himself


What Child Is This?
                The Messiah – the One who Changed the World
                The Son of God
                The Lord of Lord, the King of Kings
                The Lord
                The Savior

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